Social Projects



Since Terra Quechua Peru began operating in 2012, we have committed ourselves to give something back to the communities we visited. One way has been through our support for local humanitarian, development and conservation projects. Many of our travelers contribute something as well. While it is often to give away to the less fortunate, this has the potential to promote a culture of begging and dependency. Brochures are not a sustainable way for people or communities to live. That’s why we set up the Project – to make it easier for travelers who want to give back to communities in an effective and meaningful way.

Our Social Project is a non-profit fund that offers a selection of excellent grassroots organizations to which you can contribute.


We focus on improving the education, nutrition and health of disadvantaged Andean women and children near Cusco. Currently we offer free breakfasts, hygiene kits, we help local schools with educational kits.

The project Social Terra Quechua – aims to break the circle of poverty, offering opportunities through education, independence through responsibility, and dignity through employment. Our staff of Terra Quechua Peru are from the local communities that we give them jobs like rent horses, horseman and other activities more. Are well paid and treated with equality and respect for the sustenance of their family.

We at Terra Quechua Peru are committed to promoting and organizing social support projects for the different communities found within our region of Cusco. Your representative, Raquel, has worked with many agencies in Cusco as a guide for more than 15 years, traveling around all of Peru and the Andean areas of the Cusco region, where he has been able to see the different needs of the indigenous people descended from the Peruvian Incas, 100% people who are not in contact with the largest cities.

That they only feed on potatoes, alpacas and llamas, since other edible products do not grow, you have no electricity or drinking water, and that they are living above 4000 meters of altitude, where the Peruvian government has abandoned them.

We have been carrying out social projects in different Andean communities in Cusco.

Working with adults and children, in education with children, making them see that education will give them better opportunities in life, with the men of the community giving them courses on tourist activity, as well as so that they can work as porters on the Inca trail, We are still doing it and with the women we have worked on textile projects to improve their fabrics so they can sell to tourists and have more income.

We have set out to help people, we want to continue carrying out social projects for these communities with the sole purpose of giving them a different way of life and an opportunity, although we do not have big projects for now, we would like you to support us in this commitment to, HELP US HELP , and that tourism plays an important role in the economy of Cusco, we want to redistribute part of that income in our small projects and perhaps in the future they can be larger.

We also want to make the large tourism operators in Cusco and Peru see that they could also help people in need and not only seek their own benefit.

Chocolate Project

The travel agency “Terra Quechua Peru” held its annual chocolate event in the peasant community of Socma, located in the heights of Cusco, a day full of joy, solidarity and fun. This event is a long-standing company tradition and has been brightening the lives of children in this community for many years.

The Social Project for the correct use of dental care implements is an initiative carried out by the travel agency “Terra Quechua Peru”, directed by Raquel and Edwin, two husbands committed to the dental health of children in the high Andean communities. in Peru. This project aims to promote awareness and education about the importance of dental hygiene and the proper use of oral care implements in remote populations of the Peruvian Andes.

The “Social Project for the Care of the Environment in the Residents and Children of the Andes of Cusco” is an initiative that seeks to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in the communities of the Andes of Cusco, Peru. This project is designed to educate, empower and motivate residents and children to take active measures to protect the natural environment of the region. Below is detailed information on some of the key activities of this project:

The “Inca Archaeological Heritage and Ecological Heritage Conservation Project”, directed by the “Terra Quechua Peru” Travel Agency, under the direction of husband and wife Raquel and Edwin, is a significant initiative that focuses on the preservation and protection of two fundamental aspects in the region of Cusco, Peru: the Inca archaeological legacy and the valuable ecological heritage that surrounds it. This project is essential to ensure that future generations can enjoy and learn from the rich cultural and natural heritage that this area has to offer. Information about the project is provided here:

At Terra Quechua Peru, we are committed to the conservation of the natural and cultural environment of Cusco. To achieve this, we implement rigorous solid waste management and educate our travelers about environmentally responsible practices on our adventure hikes and classic tours. Here we explain how we channel waste, provide eco-friendly alternatives, and provide tips for a more sustainable experience