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This 1-day City Tour in Lima will take you to explore both modern and historical Lima, offering you a complete experience to discover the cultural and architectural wealth of this fascinating Peruvian city. You will enjoy beautiful landscapes and learn about the history and culture of Lima on this exciting tour!

Trip Details

  • Departures: Between 09.00 – 09.50 am / 02.00 – 02.50 pm from your hotel or other location in the city center.
  • Return: In the morning at approximately 1:00 pm and in the afternoon at 6:00 pm
  • Duration : Half day in the morning or afternoon
  • Daily departures all year round
  • Price: Contact us
  • Others: Please note that all itineraries are subject to change.
City Tour in Lima 1 Day


We will begin our colonial and contemporary City Tour of Lima with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

Our staff will pick you up from your hotel in Miraflores, San Isidro, etc. around 09:15 am / 14:15 pm to take you to our bus to start the tour of Lima and its surroundings:

Pre-Hispanic Lima: The wonderful tour begins by visiting the Pyramid of Pucllana , built in the 4th century AD. This is a place that was considered sacred by the Incas, it was a religious center. You will be enlightened about their culture and society, architecture and textiles. It is a very important archaeological remains.

Colonial Lima: We will tour the historic center of Lima, to see many beautiful monuments and colonial buildings: Paseo de la República, Plaza San Martín, Plaza de Armas (Main Square), Government Palace (where the President lives and works), the Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, the Palacio Mayor.

We will also visit the Museum of the Central Reserve Bank (Banco Federal del Perú) to see the Treasures of Peru collection, a superior selection of items from many pre-Hispanic civilizations: gold, textiles and ceramics. Next we head to the Convent of San Francisco, which houses the main collection of religious art in America . Finally, visit the catacombs that are still located under the Peruvian Congress building, which were used by the Catholic Inquisition.

Contemporary Lima: We will visit traditional and high-class neighborhoods of Lima such as San Isidro Olivar (a very elegant park), Miraflores and the modern Larcomar shopping center next to the seashore.

The tour lasts about 3 and a half hours and ends with return transfer to your hotel.

Note: The Central Reserve Bank Museum is closed on Mondays, Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons.


Terra Quechua Peru Included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • Tour guide.
  • Minibus tour of contemporary Lima, including the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro.
  • Walking tour of the main streets, squares and monuments of the Historic Center of Lima.
  • Entrance to the Convent of Santo Domingo.
  • Guided visit to the Convent of Santo Domingo.
  • Permanent assistance.

Terra Quechua Peru No Included

  • Meals not mentioned
  • Tips and additional expenses

What to Bring

  • daily backpack
  • good shoes
  • Pocho or waterproof jacket
  • Cap or hat to protect yourself from the sun or cold
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and snacks
  • Camera


  • Passport and entry tickets : For the City Tour in Lima, it is important to carry the income to places to visit. In addition, the original and current passport is very important.
  • Climate : In Lima, summers are hot, muggy, arid and cloudy and winters are long, cool, dry, windy and mostly clear. During the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 15 °C to 27 °C and rarely drops below 14 °C or rises above 29 °C.
  • Bring: Light clothing, it depends a lot on the weather season, considering very defined winter and summer, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.


It lasts approximately 3:30 to 4 hours. There are two start times: 9:15 am and 2:15 pm. We suggest bringing some snacks and bottled water (refillable containers only) for the trip.

It will depend on the season. The climate is not the same as in the Cusco region.

Cold climate: From mid-April to mid-September, with the coldest months being June to August. Wear warm clothing and bring a hat and glasses to protect yourself from strong winds. Don’t worry about rain, since the city is in a desert.

The Lima City Tour includes wonderful attractions in the city, such as the pre-Inca Pyramid of Pucllana , the historic colonial center of Lima with its plazas and palaces, the famous Central Bank museum with incredible archaeological exhibits and the contemporary part of the city with views of the Pacific Ocean. You will also meet friendly and hospitable people who enjoy sharing their history, culture and hospitality.

Of course! You can add additional activities to your Lima City Tour, such as paragliding over the Pacific Ocean, enjoy Lima’s award-winning cuisine, take a ride on the famous Mirabus with panoramic views, or visit the interesting pre-Hispanic archeology museum at the Pueblo Libre district.

Of course! Many people choose this package before or after taking the classic 4-day Inca Trail tour or a regular program to Machu Picchu, since all international flights land or depart from the Lima international airport, and there are almost no direct flights from abroad to Cusco.

Yeah! We offer two additional packages for travelers:

Palomino Islands Tour, half day: A fairly popular package that involves sailing around some stunning islands off Lima, particularly the Cavinzas and the Palominos, which are habitats for many typical seabirds, penguins and adorable sea lions. If it’s hot you can even swim with them, they are very friendly and playful.

Of course! All of our packages can be customized to completely satisfy your vacation plans. You can plan modifications, additions, etc., with our travel professionals to our regular itineraries.

Travel Guide

Guide Without a doubt, the 1-day City Tour in Lima is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the diversity and richness that this capital city of Peru has to offer. Here I provide you with additional relevant information about what you can expect on this exciting tour:

Peruvian Gastronomic Culture: Lima is known as the gastronomic capital of Latin America where you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes of Peruvian cuisine. From the famous fresh ceviches to the succulent anticuchos, you can also taste a variety of flavors that reflect the fusion of Andean cultures and the fusion with other cuisines.

Lima Art and Museums: Lima is home to an impressive collection of museums and art galleries showcasing Peruvian history and creativity. During the tour, you could visit the Larco Museum, which exhibits a wide range of pre-Columbian art, or the Lima Art Museum (MALI), which features an extensive collection of Peruvian masterpieces.

Colonial Architecture: The Historic Center of Lima is an architectural treasure in itself. You’ll explore majestic churches and cathedrals, such as the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, famous for its underground catacomb. In addition, you will admire the impressive colonial architecture, with its Moorish-style balconies and cobblestone streets that will transport you back in time.

Shopping and Souvenirs: You will have the opportunity to visit local markets and shops where you can purchase Peruvian crafts, textiles, silver jewelry and unique souvenirs. This will allow you to bring home a piece of Peruvian culture and support talented local artisans.

Panoramic Views: You will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific coast from the cliffs of Miraflores, where the ocean stretches as far as the eye can see. In addition, you can take impressive photos of the city skyline from the Miraflores boardwalk.

Living History: As you walk through the cobblestone streets and historic squares of Downtown Lima, you will feel like you are walking through a living history book. You’ll discover fascinating stories about the Spanish conquest and Peru’s independence as you explore monuments and iconic sites.

In summary, this 1-day City Tour in Lima is much more than a simple sightseeing tour; It is an immersion in the cultural, gastronomic and historical wealth of Lima. It will take you to experience a city that has evolved over the centuries and is now a vibrant mix of old and new. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience in the Peruvian capital!

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TERRA QUECHUA PERU. Is a full-service travel company. Our reputation for excellence is earned every day by providing the ultimate in value and personal attention. Since our founding in 2012, we have striven to make travel simple, worry-free, and fun for our corporate and leisure customers alike.

What is Terra Quechua Peru's mission?

Terra Quechua Peru is dedicated to providing the ultimate in value and personal attention to its customers, striving to make travel simple, worry-free, and enjoyable for both corporate and leisure travelers.

Who founded Terra Quechua Peru, and what distinguishes it as a company?

Terra Quechua Peru, initially started by Raquel Sanchez and Edwin Medina, is a family-owned travel agency and direct local tour operator headquartered in Cusco. Their extensive personal experience in trekking, along with the fact that it's a 100% Cusquenian Company without any shareholders, sets it apart.

What sets Terra Quechua Peru apart from other travel companies?

Terra Quechua Peru distinguishes itself by its dedication to providing exceptional value and personalized attention to its clients. Since its establishment in 2012, it has been committed to making travel straightforward, stress-free, and enjoyable for both corporate and leisure travelers. Additionally, being a family-owned business with a strong local presence and a wealth of experience in trekking further sets it apart.

What makes Terra Quechua Peru unique in the travel industry?

Terra Quechua Peru's uniqueness lies in its origins as a family-owned travel agency and direct local tour operator. Its founders, Raquel Sanchez and Edwin Medina, have personal experience spanning many years in trekking, offering travelers an authentic and knowledgeable perspective of Peru.

What kind of experience expect with Terra Quechua Peru?

Travelers with Terra Quechua Peru can anticipate a personalized and friendly experience during their trekking adventures. The guides are dedicated to making travelers feel like they are hiking with their own family or friends. Their in-depth knowledge of the region and culture adds an extra layer of authenticity to every journey.

Can Terra Quechua Peru help plan custom trips?

Yes, Terra Quechua Peru specializes in fully customizable trips. They can work with travelers to create personalized itineraries that cater to their specific interests and preferences, ensuring a tailored and unforgettable experience in Peru.

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Marion S
Fünf -Tages-Trekking-Tour über Salkantay nach Machu Picchu Unser Trip, gebucht über Getyourguide, durchgeführt von Terra Quechua Peru, hat in fast allen Punkten unseren Erwartungen entsprochen. Von der Abholung am Hotel, die zwar deutlich eher als erwartet war bis zur Verabschiedung unseres Guides hat alles prima und reibungslos geklappt. Mir Renaldo und Asencio hatten wir zwei überaus liebenswerte Guides, die immer ansprechbar waren, die Bedürfnisse des Einzelnen berücksichtigt haben und dafür gesorgt haben, das alles reibungslos abgelaufen ist. Unser Koch Javier hat alles getan, damit zu jeder Mahlzeit verschiedene, abwechslungsreiche Gerichte auf den Tisch kamen und an unserem letzten gemeinsamen Frühstück sogar noch eine Torte gebacken. Das einzige, was wir nicht so machen konnten wie gebucht, war der Aufstieg auf den Machu Picchu Mountain. Terra Quechua Peru hatte uns den Aufstieg auf den Huayna Picchu gebucht, obwohl es im Vorfeld anders abgesprochen war. Daher ein Punkt Abzug. Trotzdem war auch die Aussicht von diesem Berg sensationell und abschließend bleibt zu sagen, wir würden Terra Quechua Peru jederzeit wieder buchen🙂
Andre F
Andre F
Excellent travel agency! We highly recommend it! Mr. Edwin did all the intermediation of our tours in both Cusco and Lima. Always attentive, responding quickly on Whatsapp, in addition to being clear about the information about each of the tours. The prices are fair and he works on the basis of trust, which helped us a lot during our stay. Its staff is punctual, helpful and lively, explaining in detail the main points and historical events. They are also bilingual (Spanish and English), making the experience even better. We highly recommend Terra Quechua Peru!
Carlos Andrés
Carlos Andrés
Highly reliable agency. The truth is we were pleasantly surprised by the excellent service received by this agency. From the first moment we had contact, until the moment we boarded the plane back to Costa Rica, everything was in perfect harmony and control on their part, they always made us feel safe and confident in every move we would make. Not only are they worth recommending, but when we return, God first, they will be our first choice for the activities we will do. We are really very grateful to their entire work team, which is more than qualified for the activities they dedicate themselves to, and yet, giving more than what they offer. Blessings to each of you and we hope to meet again very soon.
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Martin G
salkantay road Incredible experience with this travel agency, which was attentive to all the details. I would definitely recommend it, highlighting the attention of Edwin who was always available to us for any questions or reasons. And thank the entire work team from Reynaldo and Ivan the guides, who accompanied us along the road to Salkantay, the cooks and muleteers.
Cusco & Machu Picchu: an unforgettable trip We contracted Cuzco city tour, excursion to Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, Montaña de Colores and Laguna Humantay with this agency before traveling. The organization was impeccable and any problem that arose, Edwin resolved it immediately, always very attentive at any time. Super recommended. The places visited are spectacular, beautiful. They were all worth seeing. Combination of natural landscapes of great beauty, archaeological sites, culture, history, gastronomy.
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Abigeal V
Outstanding Experience Our experience with Terra Quechua was outstanding. The guide's deep knowledge and passion for the site were evident, and the tour was perfectly organized. We left with a deeper appreciation for the history and beauty of Terra Quechua
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Abdul Q
Informative and Fun Tour Terra Quechua provided an informative and fun tour. Our guide was excellent, sharing detailed information and engaging stories about the site. The tour was well-structured and thoroughly enjoyable
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Kate Caroli
e do the City tour Cusco, Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu and Coloured Mountain If you want to take your mind off everything and enjoy your trip, you can't miss the chance to choose these travel organisers to show you Peru. The guides are superb, they know the area perfectly and all the stories behind every corner, which makes every visit more magical. At all times they have been concerned about us and have shown great flexibility in terms of preferences. I am very grateful to have had this amazing experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Lau Menendez
Lau Menendez
Salkantay 5 days Very good experience! I did the 5-day Salkantay trek, domo by domo. As previously the height made me feel bad and after passing 4500 meters I started to feel bad, we looked for an alternative to be able to do the path but ignoring day 2 when we reach 5000 meters. Edwin helped me re-coordinate everything and also kept an eye on the departures. It was a little chaotic at the beginning because the day I had the meeting at the agency I had to go to the doctor to evaluate my lungs and that meant I didn't make it to the previous meeting, but Edwin still received me later at the agency and I help reorganize everything. The guides were 10,000! Edison and Brian, two young guides helped us all the way and were super attentive. It was fun. Edison incredible patience! The chef Gabriel made magic with his hands, the meals were incredible. I am not going to deny that when I paid online from Argentina I was a little afraid, but everything went super well and more than recommended! Then I hired them again for a day trip! Thank you Edison for all the support and Edwin for all the coordination.
leonardo f
leonardo f
Good agency for first timers in Peru This comment is for people like me who had more questions than answers when seeing the previous reviews of this post. I did an 8-day tour including Lima and Cusco with their main trekking and tourism attractions. In general, the agency fulfilled what was promised from the beginning and in general terms our trip went very well and we did not have any major setbacks. Additionally, the weather was very good throughout the week and that helped a lot. However, there are some things that no one tells you and some pros and cons of taking tours with Quechua terra. 1. In our case, the agency only coordinated and booked the tours with third parties who do offer the tours. There was never a presence of anyone from the agency on the tours, I only saw Edwin (manager) once during my entire stay and it was to cancel the entire tour. Apparently many agencies work like this in Cusco 2. By not having the presence of anyone from the agency, you depend on the subcontracted third party and the luck you have in terms of the guides. In our case everything went according to plan except for the colorful mountain guide who left us abandoned during the walk and we had to go to people around us because my partner suffered from an asthmatic attack. Additionally, he did not give any relevant historical explanation during the tour. 3. The agency's daily communication was reactive and not proactive. Personally, I had to write to them every night so they could give me the instructions from the other day. I felt that they were not very attentive to us, although every time the third parties were delayed or something like that, the agency always responded attentively to my calls. So much so that we finished the tour, left the country and to date we have not received even a goodbye or a thank you. 4. When you arrive in Cusco they literally give you an envelope with documents and reservations and you depend on yourself so that your itineraries and reservations are fulfilled, the agency does not intervene directly and again you depend on third parties. In our case we realized this and we had to rush our visit to Ollantaytambo (we hardly enjoyed it) to be able to take our trains to Machupichu, in this case the outsourced agency left us on our own in Ollantaytambo as if to say "from here on ahead they are alone.” 5. The city tour in Cusco and the sacred valley is done with a tourist ticket that is valid for 10 days, however the agency never tells you this and neither does it tell you that you have access to many other tourist attractions included in the ticket if You have free time in Cusco. We found out about this during the tours but it was too late and we couldn't take full advantage of it before leaving Cusco 6. Hotels and transportation are excellent, especially in Cusco and Lima respectively. We did not have time to plan the trip in its entirety, so this agency was a very good option for us, however I consider that for a second time it is better to plan the trip on your own, it is more enjoyable, without races and of course a lot cheaper since you deal directly with the companies that do the tours.