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Please note this trip can be confirmed immediately until 30 days out from the departure date, however Inca Trail permits are sold on a request basis only.

In order to obtain an Inca Trail permit, it's vital that you provide the correct and most up-to-date passport information at the time of booking (date of birth, passport number, expiry date and name spelling exactly as it appears in the passport that you will travel with). Inconsistencies and/or changes between passport details provided at the time of booking and the passport you travel with will most likely result in you not being granted access to the Inca Trail.

If for reasons outside your control you must change your passport (ie. your passport gets lost or stolen) after your Inca Trail permit has been purchased, please contact us immediately to attempt arrange an alternative permit (fees may apply).

Amongst other restrictions, Inca Trail permits are dated. Should you request a change to your original trip or travel day, a new permit will need to be purchased (subject to availability) at an extra cost.

In the event that Inca Trail permits can't be secured, you'll be offered the following options:
1) Change to another trip or departure.
2) Hike the alternative Salkantay Trek, which includes a visit to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail closes in February to allow cleaning and restoration works.
INCA TRAIL: The Inca Trail is within the abilities of most reasonably fit people, but do come prepared: the trail is 45 km (28 miles) long and often steep. Generally each day's journey consists of 7 hours walking on average (both uphill and downhill), plus stops for snacks and lunch. Normally trekking starts at 7am (except for the fourth morning) and you reach the campsite around 4-5pm.
Accommodation on the trek is camping (3 nights). Double tents (twin-share) and foam camping mats will be provided. Tents are set up by the porters. Meals are prepared by the trek cook.
Our prices depend on the number of people you are at the time of leaving on the tour we leave with a minimum of 2 paxs and as maximum 10 paxs in each of our group.

Note: we will never pass you onto another operator we will go even if you are 02 ppl on our treks to Machupicchu!

3 Steps to Book with us.
Step 1: Select and send us your preferred departure dates(join us) as well as back up dates
Step 2: Send us all your personal information(same as appears on your passport) and if you will change passport send us a copy of the one who will use to purchase your Inca Trail permits)
Step 3: Send a Non-refundable Deposit US$200 for Inca Trail and US$150 for any of our Alternative Trek. per person to ensure your Inca Trail Permits as well as Entrance to Inca Trail & Machupicchu and you will be ready to go.

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We are taking the path of Marcocasa to get better views and we are skipping the dusty road of the first day as well as taking the Original Inca Trail to Llactapata to see the great view of Machupicchu from a distance. something Unique.


PRICE PER PERSON US$440 (GROUP SIZE: 02 People MINIMUM & 10 People MAXIMUM) To confirm we need you to send us a deposit of US$150 per person as well as filled out booking form)

JANUARY 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29
FEBRUARY 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27
MARCH 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
APRIL 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29
MAY 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
JUNE 2016: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,30
JULY 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
AUGUST 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
SEPTEMBER 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,30
OCTOBER 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
NOVEMBER 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,30
DECEMBER 2016:  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31
JANUARY 2017: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31

(Open and Fill out the attached booking form)

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Top 10 Must-Visit Places of Peru

destinos en peru Cusco by  terra quechua

Machu Picchu: No matter how many photos you've seen, nothing can prepare you for the reality. Time slips away as you try to uncover the ruins' secrets and marvel at how such grandeur is possible in a place so remote.

Cuzco: History comes to life in Cuzco. You can't turn a corner without coming across another reminder of its Inca past. Ruins are everywhere, and even the elegant colonial buildings have been built upon old Inca temples, houses, and markets.

Sacred Valley: This fertile valley is packed with Inca sites including the massive fortress of Ollantaytambo. Be sure to come on market day when the laidback villages come to life. The cobbled streets fill with every colour, produce and animal imaginable.

Amazon Jungle: Spend mornings watching colourful macaws and monkeys, the afternoon learning about traditional plant usage or spotting crocs in oxbow lakes. Then, at night, get your torch ready to seek out some of the jungle's larger creatures.

Lima: Peru's capital is home to unexpected treasures. Dig beneath the city's surface to uncover pre-Columbian temples, a touch of colonial elegance and a huge dose of modern distractions; like the cafe-rich district of Miraflores.

Arequipa: The White City, as it's affectionately known, is spectacular. Surrounded by canyons, volcanoes and deserts, the location is perfect for exploring Peru's wild side. But the true beauty of the city is in its elegant buildings, built from white volcanic rock.

Colca Canyon: While the canyon is a dramatic sight (it's twice as deep as the Grand Canyon), it's a glimpse of the elusive Andean condor that will really get your heart racing. With a wing span of 3.2m this bird doesn't just glide, it soars.

Lake Titicaca: Big enough to house countless island communities, coca smugglers and the entirety of Bolivia's navy, Lake Titicaca is massive. Remnants of ancient cultures are everywhere and many communities live on reed islands as they have done for hundreds of years.

Nazca Lines: The Nazca Lines are one of the world's great mysteries. Shapes of spiders, monkeys and birds are drawn into the desert landscape over 500 sq km. The most amazing part? They are only visible from the air.

Aguas Calientes: Whether you've just trekked the Inca Trail or travelled by train through the Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes is the perfect place to stop, soak in a steaming thermal bath and reflect on the adventure so far.


 Inca Trail to Machupicchu 5d / 4n

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Cusco to Llactapata (Camping)
Day 02: Llactapata to Llulluchapampa (Camping)
Day 03: Llulluchapampa to Phuyupatamarca (Camping)
Day 04: Phuyupatamarca to Machupicchu (Camping)
Day 05: Machupicchu to Cusco

FROM: US$680
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Inca trail by terra quechua

Classic Inka Trail 4days / 3night

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Cusco to Wayllabamba (Camping)
Day 02: Wayllabamba to Pacaymayo (Camping)
Day 03: Pacaymayo to Wiñaywayna (Camping)
Day 04: Wiñaywayna to Machupicchu

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inca trail

Salkantay Trekking 5days / 4night

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Cusco to Soyroccocha (Camping)
Day 02: Soyroccocha to Collpapampa (Camping)
Day 03: Collpapampa to Lucmabamba (Camping)
Day 04: La Playa – Aguas Calientes (hotel)
Day 05:
Aguas Calientes / Machupicchu to Cusco

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Salkantay trek by terra quechua

Salkantay Trekking 4days / 3night

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Cusco to Andenes (Camping)
Day 02: Andenes to Lucmabamba (Camping)
Day 03: Lucmabamba to Aguas Calientes (Hotel)
Day 04: Aguas Calientes / Machupicchu to Cusco

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Salkantay trekking  by terra quechua

Salkantay Trekking 3days / 2night

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Mollepata - Soraypampa (Camping)
Day 02: Soraypampa - Chaullay or collpapampa (Hotel)
Day 03:  Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu!!!

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salkantay trekking to machupicchu by terra quechua

Inka Jungle Trail 4days / 3night

Itinerary Overview:

Day 01: Cusco to Santa Maria (over night Hostel)
Day 02: Santa Maria to Santa Teresa (over night Hostel)
Day 03: Santa Teresa to Aguas calientes (over night Hotel)
Day 04: Aguas Calientes / Machupicchu to Cusco

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inca jungle trail to machupicchu