Social Project for the correct use of dental care implements

The Social Project for the correct use of dental care implements is an initiative carried out by the travel agency “Terra Quechua Peru”, directed by Raquel and Edwin, two husbands committed to the dental health of children in the high Andean communities. in Peru. This project aims to promote awareness and education about the importance of dental hygiene and the proper use of oral care implements in remote populations of the Peruvian Andes.

The project takes place in the high Andean communities of Peru, where access to medical and dental care is limited and living conditions are difficult.


Education on the Importance of Dental Hygiene:

Education plays a fundamental role in the transformation of oral hygiene practices in these high Andean communities. This aspect of the project involves conducting interactive and dynamic talks that not only explain the relevance of maintaining a healthy mouth, but also demystify common myths and fears related to visiting the dentist. Children and their families participate in rich discussions that address topics such as cavity prevention, gum disease, and the importance of a healthy smile in everyday life.


Promoting Appropriate Use of Oral Care Implements

Beyond simply providing toothbrushes and toothpaste, this component of the project focuses on teaching beneficiaries how to use these implements effectively. Hands-on demonstrations include proper brushing techniques, flossing, and mouthwashes. This ensures that children and their families not only have access to these resources, but also know how to get the most out of them to maintain good long-term oral health.


Distribution of Dental Hygiene Kits to children in the Alto Andinas communities

The delivery of dental hygiene kits is an essential step to ensure that communities have access to the elements necessary to maintain their healthy smiles. These kits contain not only toothbrushes and toothpaste, but also complementary items such as dental floss, mouthwash, and, in some cases, mouthguards. Additionally, these kits are distributed on a regular basis, ensuring that children and teens have a constant supply of dental care products for continued use.


  • Conducting educational talks to children and adults from the communities of the Andes of Cusco on the importance of oral hygiene.
  • Practical demonstration of how to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Distribution of dental hygiene kits that include toothbrushes, toothpaste and other supplies.
  • Regular visits to communities to monitor and reinforce dental hygiene practices.


Collaboration with Health Professionals

The “Terra Quechua Peru” agency collaborates with dentists and health professionals to provide dental services to communities, such as dental check-ups and basic treatments.


Social Impact in the communities of the Andes of Cusco

The project seeks to improve the oral health of children and adolescents in high Andean communities, reducing the prevalence of dental diseases. Good oral health also has a positive impact on a person’s general health and well-being.



The project is financed through donations, sponsorships, or funds raised by the agency “Terra Quechua Peru”. Additionally, they can establish alliances with local and national organizations interested in promoting dental health.