Dear terra Quechua Peru Guests


We know you have a lot of questions about your Terra Quechua Peru trekking tour you have booked so far in 2020. I want to reassure you in the midst of this unprecedented, extraordinary COVID-19 pandemic that we are here to support you, and help you with how to still make your Peru adventure dream come true with a variety of flexible options. None of us could have ever imagined what is happening now throughout the world. We are working very hard to respond to the overwhelming number of phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and live chats that we are getting daily. We are committed to personally working with each of you, prioritizing your safety, the safety of our Terra Quechua Peru staff, and the safety of the communities where we travel. We greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Here are the facts as we know them today:

The Peru government proactively closed the country’s borders in a declaration of a state of emergency, effective March 16 until April 26th: we are on standby for any changes to this and will share as soon as we information ourselves.

At this point, guests can keep trek dates after August. Please stay tuned for updates.

The Peru government is being flexible and allowing us to change permits to other travelers. Permit dates have historically never been changeable, but permit fees paid on cancelled trips are now able to be moved to new permit dates when you choose your trip departures.

The Peru government will not reduce or eliminate tour company taxes on April, May trekkers, despite the fact that no tours can run. We don’t know about later months at this time.

The railroad company that transports all guests to Machu Picchu who are not hiking in directly via the Inca Trail through the Sun Gate, is now letting those tickets be postponed to the new trip dates.

The standard cancellation policies of most airlines worldwide do not refund plane tickets as rule, ever. They do refund travelers who have purchased the premium-priced, refundable tickets. In the event of a need to cancel that is not the fault of the airline, they usually charge change fees, and only waive them in exceptional circumstances.

At this time, we understand that airlines are allowing travelers to cancel their tickets without any changes fees incurred when they rebook later dates, due to COVID-19. Travelers have a year to rebook the ticket, for travel at any time.

Airlines in the United States have so far asked the US government for a $50 billion emergency disaster bail out package.

Adventure company operators like Terra Quechua Peru have not asked the government for a bail out package.

Like you as travelers, small tour companies like ours are caught in the middle of these extraordinary circumstances. This is made all the more difficult and anxiety-producing for us all because of tremendous uncertainty of how long the COVID-19 epidemic will last, and when travel restrictions will ease and where.

Here are our newly revised and flexible cancellation policies to help you continue your dream of trekking in Peru to Machu Picchu:

Postpone Your 2020 Tour Date and Use Reschedule it Anytime Before 2023

You can postpone your 2020 trek, whether it’s in April, May or June anytime in 2020, and we’ll move your deposit to a future, TBD date.

You don’t have to even decide right away on whether you want to postpone your 2020 trek date. As long as you contact us more than 5 days before your current trek is supposed to begin, we can change your trek. For example: If you have a June 15th trek start date, you can tell on June 10th about wanting to postpone.

You can reschedule for later in 2020, anytime in 2021, or anytime in 2022.

You don’t have to know your new dates of travel until you are ready to travel, and future bookings will be granted on a First Come First Serve Basis, (as they are now), see bullet below.

Take whatever time you need to figure out when you want to come to Peru, especially when right now, it’s hard to make any travel plans at all in the face of such uncertainty.

Way more flexible than the airline policy, you can use your 2020 cancelled trek booking for any dates in 2020, 2021, 2022, and book anytime you want to. You don’t have to schedule your trip by the end of 2020 at all.

Transfer Your 2020 Tour to a Friend or Loved One For Any Date Through 2022

This is a new and wonderful opportunity. Unlike plane tickets that are not transferable at all, ever, the Peru government is allowing the transfer of permits to another person in 2020.

Terra Quechua is taking it a step further, you are welcome to transfer your Peru trek to another person for any time in 2020, 2021 or 2022.

Give your trek to a friend or loved one and let us know their name and email.

How to Help Ensure You Get Your Preferred Inca Trail Tour Dates for 2021 or 2022

As long as you decide by September of the previous year, we will be able to secure your trek. Pre-season bookings start in September and permits start getting released in October by the Peru government for treks in the following year.

Note that limited permit availability applies only to the Inca Trail 4D, 5D treks. All alternative treks do not require special permits and have a lot of flexibility and availability.

For alternative trekkers, you can start on any day you wish, as long as we have two trekkers.

Again, if you don’t get your preferred Inca Trail dates, we will work with you to find the best alternative dates for your travel.

Take your time to figure out when works best for your schedule and let us know and your deposit and booking will be moved accordingly.

We hope that you stay safe and healthy, get outside for fresh air, and that no one that you love is impacted by this virus. It’s incredibly scary right now for us all, and we know that together we will get through this.