Chocolate Project

The travel agency “Terra Quechua Peru” held its annual chocolate event in the peasant community of Socma, located in the heights of Cusco, a day full of joy, solidarity and fun. This event is a long-standing company tradition and has been brightening the lives of children in this community for many years.

A Sweet Commitment to the Community

Terra Quechua Peru is proud of its commitment to the Socma community and other communities. Every year, as part of its corporate social responsibility, the agency organizes this chocolate party with the aim of bringing a little happiness and warmth to the children and families of this region. The chocolate party has become an anticipated and much-loved event for the community.

Delights and Entertainment for Everyone

The annual chocolatada is not just about hot chocolate. Terra Quechua Peru offers a variety of delicacies for all attendees. A delicious chocolate is served, accompanied by panettone and other sweets. In addition, children enjoy a live music show and clowns that make them laugh and forget their worries. Joy and laughter fill the air all day long.

We usually have a traditional “Christmas Chocolate” or a Christmas party with hot chocolate as the main theme. We also offer “Paneton” or a Peruvian-style fruit cake. These foods are considered the main staple foods during Christmas throughout the country. It is quite a delicious treat, especially for the children who live in this community as they rarely get to taste these delicacies sometimes.

We always try to bring Christmas cheer to many communities through our Christmas social projects each year (past communities, we have been to: Huacawasi and Kiswaran). We always organize our trips months in advance and are committed to helping these communities and creating a better sense of social consciousness through these projects!

We consider the children of these communities special because of their living conditions. They required some Christmas cheer as most have never had the opportunity to own a toy or even meet Santa Claus or “Father Christmas.” We are always accepting donations for this event or even volunteers who wish to participate in these social projects (email us at: for more details).

We at Terra Quechua Peru hope that anyone who is willing to participate or give donations for our social projects will spread the word to help our social projects grow.

The Power of Tradition and Solidarity

This event represents a long-standing commitment to the Socma community and reflects Terra Quechua Peru’s philosophy of giving back and creating a positive impact in the areas in which they operate. The agency is not only dedicated to providing unforgettable travel experiences to its clients, but also cares deeply about the people and communities it serves.

The Power of Tradition and Solidarity

Terra Quechua Peru has the firm conviction to continue holding this event year after year, and will continue to support the Socma community in its growth and development. The annual chocolatada is a reminder of the importance of keeping tradition alive and the commitment to the well-being of local communities. Every year, the agency demonstrates that, through small gestures of kindness and solidarity, big changes can be achieved in people’s lives.