Ausangate tour, an adventure to the sacred mountain of Cusco

The Ausangate, is visited every year by hundreds of climbers and is considered by the natives of the mountain ranges as one of the Incas divinities, has a height of about 6410 meters, being one of the highest peaks in Peru and is very close to Cusco and you can enjoy an Ausangate tour in just a couple of days.

This mountain is also known because at its skirts is the vinicunca “mountain of seven colors” that unfolds at your feet with amazing colors that make it unique.

vinicunca ausangate
Although it is far from the traditional tourism routes, many join the adventure of reaching its glaciers, it is a mountain of great beauty, and for those who decide to reach it, an Ausangate tour is worth the effort.

According to local legend, Ausangate is a charm of a divinity, and this enchantment still endures. This is why local people consider this mountain sacred. Its ascent entails a little difficulty, it is for those tourists who like the adventure outdoors and live to the maximum their experiences in the trips.

Many want to live this unforgettable experience visiting this sacred mountain. Therefore, there are tours that leave from the City of Cusco to enjoy the nature and absolute beauty that surrounds this activity.

The Ausangate or trekking tour is one of the options that the tourist has to enjoy one of the most beautiful attractions that Cusco has. During the trip to Ausangate you can enjoy an impressive wildlife, with crystalline lakes of blue waters and white snowy peaks, in addition to enjoying all the culture and tradition of the inhabitants who live near this mountain.

This mountain is considered a geological jewel, therefore, an Ausangate tour must be made with total responsibility and without contaminating its pure and crystalline waters.

Nowadays there are more tours that are made to Ausangate during several days like: Ausangate 5 days/4 nights, Ausangate sibinacocha 6 days/5 nights, Ausangate mountain 7 colors 6 days/5 nights. On the web you can find several offers that propose days of walking and integration with nature and culture of the place, to finally reach the most sacred peak of the Peruvian Andes.

small itinerary of the Ausangate tour

Usually the trip starts from Cusco City to Pultumarca, about 3 hours by car. there you have to go to Chilca, which is where you really start the journey on foot to Vinicunca the “mountain of seven colors”. this walk will last about 4 hours to the town of Machuraccay, from this town you get to the foothills of Vinicunca.

During this journey you will be able to enjoy impressive landscapes, travelers will have beautiful trails accompanied by majestic glaciers and lakes with crystal clear waters, this walk will last about 5 days.

If it is a sedentary trip, full of adventures. some places can be dangerous for those who do not know the place well. therefore, it is advisable to be accompanied by professional guides who know the place, these are usually part of the tours provided by travel agencies.

difficulty of the Ausangate tour

It is a medium effort trip, so it is better to be prepared and acclimatized in the city of Cusco and have all the necessary equipment to complete the trip.

The degree of difficulty to make the tour will depend on the physical form of the traveler, some trails are very difficult, but there is also the option of renting horses from locals, but this will also depend on the service offered by the tour if you decide to pay one.
There are several routes to get to Ausangate, but the most difficult is the southern route of the mountain, as there are very difficult stretches to travel because they are very steep and almost vertical, but to motivate the visit to this sacred mountain, have opened more accessible routes and less difficulty for travelers.

Today the Ausangate tour is moderately popular with visitors and no permit is required to climb it. For those who already know it it has become a very punctual route to practice sedentarism.

The existence of the Ausangate tour is regularly known, but many mountaineers come to Peru to climb the highest peaks, and this mountain is becoming very popular for its unparalleled beauty. The best way to venture to this peak is through a tour led by their own guides, who are knowledgeable of all the routes and customs of the locality.

However the traveler decides to do the Ausangate tour, you will have the opportunity to know a geological wonder (vinicunca, the rainbow mountain) and the beauty of the sacred mountain of the Incas “Ausangate”.

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