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Social Projects

Our Social Project Terra Quechua Peru

Since Terra Quechua Peru began operating in 2002, we have committed ourselves to give something back to the communities we visited. One way has been through our support for local humanitarian, development and conservation projects. Many of our travelers contribute something as well. While it is often to give away to the less fortunate, this has the potential to promote a culture of begging and dependency. Brochures are not a sustainable way for people or communities to live. That’s why we set up the Project – to make it easier for travelers who want to give back to communities in an effective and meaningful way.

Our Social Project is a non-profit fund that offers a selection of excellent grassroots organizations to which you can contribute.


We focus on improving the education, nutrition and health of disadvantaged Andean women and children near Cusco. Currently we offer free breakfasts, hygiene kits, we help local schools with educational kits.

 The project Social Terra Quechua – aims to break the circle of poverty, offering opportunities through education, independence through responsibility, and dignity through employment. Our staff of Terra Quechua Peru are from the local communities that we give them jobs like rent horses, horseman and other activities more. Are well paid and treated with equality and respect for the sustenance of their family.